Zombie Rabbid is the 69th episode of the of Rabbids Invasion.

Plot Edit

An outbreak of sick zombie rabbids occurs

Summary Edit

It all starts at the mall. A rabbid was seen at the escalator. He was brushing his shoulder when he heard rabbid voices. He spies on them and sees they have donuts. The rabbid really wanted the donuts so he went there and asked them if they want to trade. They pretended to give him the donuts but tricked him and bullied him. The rabbid, saddened, goes down to the escalator. The other rabbids walk away with the donuts. The Rabbid then finds a rotten pack of donuts. He ate one without being careful. Only to be sick because of this. Soon two rabbids come across him and see his sick face. They conclude that he's a zombie, so they attempt to hide from him. They looked and checked at him, only to get even more frightened and start running away. The sick rabbid follows them to warn them not to eat the rotten donuts to avoid getting sick as well. But they do not listen and simply keep running away from him. Not realizing this situation happened because of the rotten donuts, more and more rabbids keep eating them. Causing the same result. The number of non-sick rabbids grows smaller, until only one rabbid remains. He gets out of the mall and climbs up a dumpster. Now out of reach of the sick rabbids, the final rabbid laughs, believing himself to be victorious. However, he then decides to celebrate by eating one of the donuts, turning him into a sick rabbid as well. Ending the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is a parody of the zombie infection horror movies.
  • This episode broke the record of having the most rabbids in one episode, surpassing Stop! No More!

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