Why Did the Rabbid Cross the Road is the 71st episode of Rabbids Invasion


A rabbids tries to get on the other side of the road


The episode begins with the rabbids playing on the road on their way to the beach. One rabbids gets run over and ends up on the side opposite of where his friends are. He tries to get back on the right side but he keeps getting run over, no matter what. He then sees a small chick crossing the road with no problem at all. Realizing the chick's incredible luck, the rabbid decides to lure the chick onto the road usibg various kinds of food so he doesn't get run over. However, the chick is way smarter than the rabbid, as it doesn't fall to his tricks. At the end of the episode, the rabbid gets run over again, but this time, he lands on the right side. Then was brought to the beach deck, adn there the rabbid was wearing a brassiere as sunglasses, his friends are fascinated, and then they also took the brassiere of the humans( Girls). The lifegurad then chases the rabbids.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode title is based off of the popular joke ''Why did the Chicken cross the road''. A joke that ironically ends in an unfunny way, simply by saying that it ''wanted to get on the other side''.