Voodoo Rabbid is the 20th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


The Rabbids learn to harness the power of voodoo dolls.


The episode begins with the rabbids playing volleyball, until one rabbid accidentally hurts his opponent and knocks his tooth out, causing the others to hate on him and throw rocks at him. Angered, the rabbid throws the tooth into the TV time machine and accidentally warps it into a witch doctors territory, who uses the tooth to finish his voodoo doll, and since it belonged to the rabbid, it will affect him. The witch doctor accidentally loses the doll and warps it to the rabbid, who almost immediately uses it take revenge on the hurt rabbid by making him do various upsetting things. However, soon the rabbid's own tooth warps back into the hands of the Witch Doctor, who once again makes a voodoo doll and loses it upon contact with the TV time machine. This causes the two rabbids to get in a voodoo fight with each other, until they lose the dolls and blast them into Alice's neighborhood, who takes the dolls and plays with them. The rabbids then get the dolls back and decide to make peace with each other. They take out the Voodoo doll tooth and revert the spell and give each other's tooth back. They then warp the voodoo dolls back to the Witch Doctor, who is delighted to see them, until they are accidentally thrown into the camp fire the Witch Doctor made.


  • This segment makes Rabbids gets a voodoo, that parodied the The Fairly OddParents episode "You Doo".