The Rabbids viral videos, also known as ''Rabbid shorts'' by many fans are short clips and trailers produced and animated by Ubisoft to either promote the Raving Rabbids video games or another product. They are usually 10 to 45 seconds long, but are sometimes extended. All of these videos usually feature one or several Rabbids performing random, humorous antics.

Video Game Ads Edit

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Rayman Raving Rabbids Edit

Bunnies Very Useful Scientific Facts

  • Bunnies Can't Play Soccer
  • Bunnies Don't Do Vacuum Cleaning
  • Bunnies Don't Milk Cows

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 Edit

Around the World

  • USA
  • Japan
  • Lepizig
  • Tour de France

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Edit


Spoofs/Parodies Edit

  • James Bond Spoof

Rabbids Go Home Edit

Meet the Characters Edit

  • Meet the Rabbids

Failed Attempts Edit

Rabbids Go Home Cartoon Series Edit

  • Episode 1: The Misision
  • Episode 2: Choosing the Crew

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Edit


Rabbids: Alive and Kicking Edit

Rabbids Daily Life Series Edit

  • Coffee
  • Car Park
  • Hotel Room

Spoofs Edit

  • Captain Rabbids (Parody of Captain America)
  • The Rabbids Abracadabwaaaah ( Parody of Harry Potter)

Rabbids Land Edit

Rabbids Theme Park Edit

  • Try
  • Wait

The Rabbids Kitchen Championship 2012

Rabbids Preppers Edit

  • Rabbids Preppers: Will they survive the end of the bwaaah?
  • Rabbids Preppers: The end of the world did not happen

Rabbids Can't/Won't Edit

  • Rabbids Can't exercise
  • Rabbids Can't Play Golf

Rabbids Invasion Shorts Edit

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In late 2016, Ubisoft Motion Pictures produced 10 one-minute shorts featuring the Rabbids parodying the olympics.The shorts are only available in French audio but nonetheless can be viewed on Youtube in Ludo's official channel. The available shorts are:

  • L'athletisme explique aux Lapins Cretins
  • Le canoe kayak explique aux Lapins Cretins
  • L'escrime explique aux Lapins Cretins
  • Le plongeon explique aux Lapins Cretins
  • Le judo explique aux Lapins Cretins
  • La natation expliquee aux Lapins Cretins
  • La gym expliquee aux Lapins Cretins
  • Le volley-ball explique aux Lapins Cretins
  • L'equitation expliquee aux Lapins Cretins
  • Les lancers expliques aux Lapins Cretins

Product Ads Edit


Grand Scenic Renault Edit

Others Edit

  • UHU & Rabbids
  • Signal Lapins Cretins (Signal Rabbids)
  • AVEC Fruiss bwaaah du sirop!
  • Lutti Rabbids
  • Rabbids SodaStream

Trivia Edit

In an interview, Adrian Lacey from Ubisoft mentioned that the purpose of the viral videos is to show gamers the stupidity of the Rabbids.

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