The Leader of a tribe of Rabbids is the main antagonist of the Rabbids Invasion episode Rabbid Tribe.

Biography Edit

Just as the Rabbids are going to sleep, one frightened rabbid comes with a dog chasing him. Causing all of the rabbids to be chased up the old abandoned bus. The rabbids then realize that the reason the dog is chasing them is because the one being chased has his ball. They cruelly throw him off and accidentally throw him in the TV time machine. He warps through several time zones until he comes to a unknown one. There he meets a tribe of rabbids. Of which the leader takes the ball in order to complete the sculpture of their rabbid idol. The present Rabbid tries to get it back but fails. Soon, the leader orders his minions to capture and punish him for trying to take the ball. He then runs back to the junkyard, revealing that the unknown time zone is actually the Present. He get's in a fight with the leader, who prevails. However, the dog sees the balls on the leader's staff, luring him at the tribe and chasing them away. The rabbids get down to their hero, only to see that he still has the ball the dog wanted.

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