Rayman Raving Rabbids 4

A rabbid sitting in the toilet

The toilet was used in Rabbids Go Home as a secret entrance that could lead them to their pile. The Rabbids seem to cartoonisly fit ANYTHING through the toilet including cows, airplanes and themselves. The toilet made a small cameo in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time when a caveman was trying to make fire, the toilet landed on top of it.


  • In Rabbids Invasion, a toilet connects Rabbidland to the Testing Facility where Jessica Xenson and Cody conduct their experiments on the Rabbids. In Welcome to Rabbidland, it is revealed that the Rabbids used in their experiments are Rabbids that end up flushing themselves down the Toilet in the Outhouse located in Rabbidland, which transports them into a pipe chute where the Rabbids remain until they are dropped into the testing area of the lab. However as shown in the episode this causes a cycle of Rabbids that have been ejected from the test area via trap door (which ironically leads back to Rabbidland) only to end up flushing itself down the toilet again, starting the cycle all over again.