The time washing machine

The Time Washing Machine is a washing machine used as a time machine in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. It is used as the rabbids' main transport to different time periods. It was damaged in the first five trips the rabbid made.

Rabbids InvasionEdit

In the TV series, Rabbids Invasion, the time washing machine appears in the episode Jurassic Rabbid. There, it is revealed that it was originally a regular washing machine, but was modified by an ancestor of the Rabbids. He used the washimg machine to return to his own timeline.It returns in Rabbid 2.0 (episode) where the present rabbids steal an important part of it,after the ancestor get's it back,he once again goes through time. However, it is unknown if these episodes are canon with the Rabbids games.(The episodes are most likely non canon since most stuff in the show has no influence from the games.)

Theme Park AttractionsEdit

The time washing machine takes a lead role on the theme park attraction La Machine a Voyager dans le temps which l opened on December 21, 2013 exclusively for France. Both the Rabbids and the machine can be interacted with via special 3D glasses.


Rabbid easter egg

screenshot of Rabbids Land with an easter egg of the time washing machine in the lower right part of the picture

  • The time washing machine has appeared so far 5 times. It is mainly used in Raving rabbids Travel in Time but in Rabbids Alive and Kicking, in the minigame: Tenderfoot dance, where the player has to avoid projectiles launched by the rabbids, one of the falling objects is the time washing machine.
  • There is a screenshot for Rabbids Land in which a rabbid is catching one of the Ghosts with a vacuum cleaner (A la Ghostbusters), if you look closely, the lower right corner of the screenshot there is the time washing machine
  • The design of the time washing machine of the trailers is different from the one in the game.
  • It also appeared in Mario and rabbits kingdom battle to get to the merge headset creator

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