Time Travel Rabbids is the 35th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


A pair of Rabbids uses the time machine as a tourist attraction.


The episode begins with two Rabbids holding a TV time machine tourist attraction in which for a cost of four pretzels a rabbid is allowed to use the TV time machine to go to his desired time era. However, one rabbid, who desperately wants to go to an amusement park that closed down a long time ago, sees he has no pretzels, so he goes back home to get the ones he has at home. Meanwhile, the Rabbids hosting the event accidentally cause the TV time machine to warp somewhere far in the forest, causing all of their customers to go away. However, the rabbid who went home did not see this, so he comes with a full suitcase with pretzels to get his turn. The two rabbid hosts decide to make a fake TV time machine and create an experience for the rabbid in order to get the pretzels. They re-create the amusement park out of boxes and disguise themselves as mascots. They show the rabbid everything he wants to see, including a roller-coaster train and a rocket going to space for an unspecified amount of pretzels. However, as they eat more, they soon get sick and one of the rabbids, losing his balance causes the entire thing to collapse on them. The rabbids then manage to find the TV time machine again and try to open up the attraction again, only this time taking soda cans as currency. However, the tourist rabbid, who enjoyed his experience, told everyone about this and now everyone wants the exact same thing, much to the Hosts's dismay.