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Thimothy Gluant is the quaternary, later quinary antagonist of Rabbids Invasion.

He apears usually as a background character until Scout Rabbids and R.C. Rabbid where he is the main antagonist.

In Scout Rabbids, he is a squirrel patrol captain, where he hires the rabbids to do good deeds, he always demonstrates to them what to do, however it always ends up badly, the rabbids then repeat what he does and then he shows his villainy because he only demotes the rabbids to a lower squirrel level, even though it's his fault that the rabbids where failing. At the end Mona calls Garret for help because she thought he was attacking her, and Garrett arrests him.

In R.C. Rabbid, he shows his true nature, a spoiled brat, and he cries, hits the Rabbids so they won't interfere and demands to his mother to buy him a police car toy, who had no choice since Mona was watching them and then he mocks the rabbids, at the end he runs over the rabbids with his toy car and mocks them again. But the rabbids fought back and they throw the stick to control the toy car on his forehead and made him attack Mona.

In Season 2, his role was less significant, but he still picks on the rabbids. Who return the favor. In O come all Ye Rabbids, it is seen that Mona and Louie are his grandparents.


He is a very spoiled boy and is willing to cry, to get what he wants. He is also a bit of a bully. However, in some episodes he is shown to be more friendly.


The RabbidsEdit

They share a full rivalry since R.C. Rabbid. Where he started it. This is seen again through other episodes, like in Plunger Rabbids where he shot a rabbid with a gun that fires little plungers. To which the rabbid fought back by throwing a toilet brush on his face. The only times he didn't have a rivalry with the rabbids was Sticky Rabbids, where he gave a rabbid a marker and Rabbid Mozart, where he apologized to a Rabbid when he accidentally landed on him.


They don't get along very well, as he keeps making her buy him toys by crying, however this changed when his mother finally became strict to him.


They seemingly get along.

Mona ClouseauEdit

Louie ClouseauEdit

Grace Edit

In Rabbid's rules of order, its revealed that Grace is Thimothy's aunt.

Trivia Edit

  • Because his and Alice's mothers look similar, its possible that they are cousins.