Thief Rabbids are rabbids in thief outfits and enemies in the original Rayman Raving Rabbids, in the FPS games, they attack Rayman while jumping on pogo-sticks, they are easily defeated by one shot. They reappear in Rabbids Land as the main antagonists. in the minigames, It depends on who's side the player is,if he or she is on their side, they have to help them steal things, but if the player is on the side of the good guys, they have to stop them. Mr. Lucky can also release a thief rabbid, and if a players rabbid reaches him, he steals some of the players trophies. The only way to get rid of him is by avoiding him, and he'll be teleported away.


Full Name: Thief Rabbids

Voice: ,Yoann Perrier

Allies: ,Rayman (formerly), Professor.

Enemies: ,Rayman, Mr. Lucky, The Flying Dunchbbid.

Nicknames: ,Burgular Rabbids.

Weapons: ,Pogo-sticks

Quote: ,BWAAAH!.

Commanders: ,

Fate:, Get's destroyed by The Flying Dunchbbid or steals all the jewels, Get's fried by the security cameras or steals the lawn mowers, Get's teleported away by Mr. Lucky. (minigames in the game)