Rabbids go home-01

The Rabbids staring at their pile

The pile to the moon, simply referred to as the pile was the rabbids' supposed way of reaching the moon in Rabbids Go Home. It was built with human stuff the Rabbids collected throughout the game. The game contained biblical messages as the pile parodies the tower of Babel which was supposedly going to be used to reach heaven. Also in the game, the humans' shopping mall is named Babel.


At the beginning of the game, the Rabbids are living in the Junkyard when they get the idea to build a tower made out of the Humans stuff to reach the moon. Over the course of the game, the tower grows from a small pile of Stuff to a tall tower, however the Rabbids fail to reach the Moon via this way, however the The Verminators end up shooting Bombs at the pile which cause the tower to rocket into space, carrying the Rabbids along with it.


  • In Green Rabbid, a group of Rabbids living on the desert highway come up to a similar idea to build a pile to reach the Moon, but it ends up falling down leading to one of the Rabbids to get the idea to grow a beanstalk to reach the moon instead.