The first Verminator is, as his name suggests,  the very first Verminator encountered by the rabbids and the main enemy of the Rabbids Go Home level titled Wack-A-Wabbid, and a minor antagonist all together. He is the owner of a pet shop and the first "boss" of the game.

Rabbids Go HomeEdit

He first appears in the beginning of Wack-A-Wabbid. The rabbids leave him naked and he runs away. He is then seen throwing the explosive barrels at the rabbids. When the rabbids are looking for pipes, he is in a red suit with a pipe and the rabbids have to leave him naked again to take the pipe While he's running away he takes a orange verminator suit. He is then seen in a ring of some sort with the suit full with air. He doesn't attack and only backs away. He takes two hits to defeat, after that he jumps on a closet but after the cutsene, he cannot be seen. He is seen in other levels but is just a human that can be screamed at. He last appears with some other humans celebrating the rabbids' blast off after they attack them, But soon starts running as the stuff falls on them.

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