This article is about  the security guard from the episode Get in Line, Rabbids! if you want to know about John Charles 'second job, then see Security guard Cody.

The Security Guard is the main antagonist of the Rabbids Invasion episode Get in Line, Rabbids!.

In the episode he guards the entrance to the store that sells the new Iphone-like device. After the store opens he only lets in one costumer at a time.

The rabbids then want to get inside, but he keeps moving them away. At the end the rabbids battle him and he falls down the walking stairs.

He reappears as the main antagonist of the season 2 episode Rabbid Associates where he forbids the rabbids to get inside an area that contains a part for their rocket.The rabbids attempt to sneak inside and get it but he spots them.They quickly take the part and try to get away.The guard gets in a cart and takes puirsut,however a rabbid that drives a lawn mower and that has been electrocuted earlier runs into him and shocks him.Allowing them to escape.At the end he calls his boss,saying that the part is gone....only to see that it fell back right near him.(due to the Rabbids failed attempt)