The Rabbid Who Fell To Earth is the 44th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


John mistakes a rabbid that is dressed up as a chicken as an alien.


We see John driving in his car whilst listening on the radio about a UFO crash sighting and expressing great joy. Meanwhile, three rabbids are dressing up as characters from a children's book, with one dressing as the girl milking a cow, the other one the cow and the third one a chicken, painted green to look more realistic. Just then, John comes and sees the rabbid dressed as a chicken and mistakes it as an alien. He instantly cages the rabbid and takes him to his laboratory. His two friends see this and decide to save him. Meanwhile, John tries to test the rabbid with audio and visual pitcures, but the rabbid simply ignores his instructions and annoys him. We switch back to the rabbids finding the lab and defeating the security. We then see John infuriated by the rabbid and trying to attack him, but he slips and injures himself. The rabbids then come to save their friend, making John realize it's a rabbid. At the end, John encounters the real alien, but due to thinking it's just another trick, he kicks it away.

Trivia Edit

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