The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids is the 11nth episode of the 2nd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

The rabbids are starting to vanish.

Summary Edit

After many rabbids started to vanish, two rabbids start to inspect the area, they use many detective tools and such (not really). At the end, the male detective find out that a rusty board actually sended all of the rabbids into a big wooden sign, which ironically is of the moon.

Trivia Edit

FBI Rabbids

The FBI Rabbids

  • Main Protagonists: FBI Rabbids
  • The scene where the two Rabbids dress up as cops and heavy metal music plays in the background is a parody of the CSI Tv shows.
  • The scene with the Rabbid dressed as Sherlock Holmes following his own footprints is a reference to one of the comic strips drawn by Thitaume-Pujol included in Rabbids # 1: Bwaaaaaaaaah!