The March of the Rabbids is the 37th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Mini Rabbid gets mistaken for a baby penguin.


The episode begins with a man narrating the nature of Penguins in a documentary. However, just then the TV Time Machine interrupts. The machine door opens and reveals Mini-Rabbid and his two rabbid friends. As the narrator continues, Mini-Rabbid and his friends start to play Ice Hockey with Mini-Rabbid as the puck. However, one Rabbid hits him too hard, causing him to fly far away until he lands in a nest while kicking the egg it contained out. This causes the penguin who layed it to mistake it as it's hatchling. Meanwhile, the two rabbids find the egg and try to use it as a puck. However it hatches, revealing an adorable baby penguin who is very hungry. Switching scenes again, we see the mother penguin trying to teach Mini-Rabbid how to catch fish. Mini-Rabbid manages to find a frozen donut, but loses it to the baby penguin who happily eats it and instantly falls asleep. Afterwards, the two Rabbids try to use the penguin as the puck but soon see Mini-Rabbid being forced to jump and swim into the freezing ocean. They try to save him, but end up falling in aswell. At the end, the mother penguin and her hatchling re-unite, while the three crazy rabbids end up frozen in a block of ice