The Boss (also known as Mr. Director) is the owner of the People Company Enterprises Inc. and a character-turned-tertiary antagonist of Rabbids Go Home. He's only known assistant manager is Sandra, whom he treats poorly.

Rabbids Go HomeEdit

His company is a reccuring location in the game. In a few levels the rabbids have to come to his office and steal a XL Stuff, like his clock and desk for example. Because of this he became the tertiary antagonist of the game.

He first appears in the level "In The Nick Of Time", where he is seen bossing around his assistant Sandra whom the Rabbids follow to reach the Boss' office, where they steal his large clock.

In "Rules are for Tools", the Rabbids return to steal his desk.

In "Time Is Money, Honey", the Rabbids steal his Statue (which resembles the Abraham Lincoln statue).

In "Holdup In The Hanger", he orders two of his employees Jennifer Barns and Smith to engage the Rabbids in Verminator suits when they break into an airplane hanger to steal a plane's landing gear.

In "14 Carrot Rabbid" he refuses to let the Rabbids steal his safe, which he carries off to a nearby rooftop. He then called The Verminators to protect his safe, however the Rabbids manage to steal it.

At the end of the game he and the other humans celebrate as the rabbids blast off. But soon start running as human stuff started falling on them. He is last seen hugging his safe.


  • The Boss can be seen as a parody of the concept of The Man, as he abuses his authority over Sandra (to the point of ordering her around the way one would a dog).

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