Team Rabbid is the 27th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Lapinibernatus is forced to join a Rabbid sports team.


The episode begins with two teams of rabbids playing football with a block. They accidentally injure one player and need a replacement. They see Lapinibernatus, who is ready to get back home, so two rabbids try to stop him and get him to play with them, but accidentally mess up the coordinates of the TV time machine, causing them to get warped in a truck with small pink rabbit statues. After the truck stops, Lapinibernatus and the two rabbids are kicked out and the pink rabbid statues (along with the TV time machine) are taken to the one who ordered them. However, given their color, he immediately decides to destroy them and keep the TV time machine. Meanwhile, the two rabbids accidentally paint Lapinibernatus in pink color, causing him to be mistaken for a statue and thrown on the compressor track. Fortunately, the two rabbids manage to destroy the controls and stop the track, saving Lapinibernatus. They get outside and Lapinibernatus hurries to get to his TV time machine before it warps without him. However, it is then revealed that the artist made multiple cardboard cutouts of the TV time machine. Causing Lapinibernatus to not get there on time and leaving him back on square one.