Suprise Rabbid is the 38th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


A rabbid hides in a box


The episode begins with a rabbid discovering a box with a smiling tomato on it. He tries to be friends with it, but realizes it's not real. He then accidentally gets in the box and realizes that the other rabbid can't see him. He decides to jumpscare them. However, he is having problems as he always jumps out either too late, or through the wrong end. He manages to jumpscare two rabbids and decides to follow them to do it again. First, he follows them to the park, they realise this and go away again. He then follows them to an airport, where they realize he is following them once again. They try to hide from him but fail. Soon, all three get stuck in some people's baggage. They travel the entire world, with the rabbid in the box still following them. Ending the episode.