Super Rabbid is the 40th episode of Rabbids Invasion as well as the first episode to air in 2014.


Two rabbids think that Professor Barranco 3 is a hero


After seeing a comic book with a hero with one eye blue and the other red, they instantly think Barranco 3 is him. They then dress him up into a super hero costume and make him do heroic things. First, they try to make him fly off a building but he falls down. They then force him to stop a truck, but the truck passes him, leaving them disappointed. Barranco make a run for it, having enough of this. Soon, he sees a robber being arrested and sees the mask he was wearing whilst robbing. Seeing that Barranco likes it, the kind police man gives Barranco the mask. He puts it on and comes back to the other rabbid. However, just then, they see a novel with a woman whose face resembles that of the mask. Leading them to once again obsess over it.

Goof Edit

  • When Professor Barranco 3 puts on the mask both eyes are blue