The super boost was an ability from Rabbids Go Home. It allowed the rabbids to create shiny blue sparks with their Shopping cart and gave them the ability to break through objects and defeat enemies faster. It also allows them to collect Stuff from enemies (save for Santa Claus (Joe) and enemies equipped with Football Helmets) and breakable objects in one hit. It is learned from the Painter Rabbids in the 4th level "Keep on Piling!" and can be used in any level after that (this ability disabled in the tutorial level and the first 3 levels of the game).

When performed on an incline such as stairs or a ramp, the Shopping Cart can perform a boost jump which can be used to access out of the way areas and/or collect stuff in the air.


"Hold (A) to skid with your cart... and watch those sparks fly! Do like the Rabbid! Cool! Your Rabbids now master the art of the flaming sKid! To activate your Super Boost, press [B] whenever your wheels catch fire. Use your Super Boost on springboards to preform huge jumps. You can ram through heaps of cardboard boxes with your Super Boost." - Painter Rabbid