The rabbids' soundtrack consists of a variety of 50-90's songs ( or Romanian songs in rabbids go home). Most songs can be played on dancing and music games in the first three games of rayman raving rabbids and raving rabbids travel in time. there are also some songs in trailers that are not playable in the games. In the first two games the songs are actually the rabbids' versions. In the third game, the song are sung by Rabbids but the rabbid's singing almost sounds like the original singers (apart from Amy Winehouse,, The Rabbids in her song sound rabbidized and almost kid-like.).

Rayman Raving Rabbids.

1. Misourlu ( instrumental)

2. Good time

3. Girls just want to have fun

4. Hip hop hooray

5. La bamba

6. Dark iron bunnies

7. The butcher deejay

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

1. Papa's got a brand new bag

2. Celebration

3. Satisfaction

4. Funky town

5. Teenager in love

6. Smoke on the water

7. Around the world ( Trailers only)

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

1. Open Book

2.Ladies night

3. Born to be wild

4. Heaven must be missing an angel

5. Toxic

6. Another one bites the dust

7. You Know I'm no Good

Rabbids go home

1. Sanie cu Zurgalai

2. Perinita

3. Ciocarlia

4. Batuta la clarinet


6. Batuta din moldova

7.Doina Deascultare

8. Hora Moldoveneasca de joc

9. Cantare din banat

10. Hora de joc

11.Batuta la trompeta

12. Sanie Cu zurgalai( dj forzando remix)

13. Sanie cu zuralai( Raving Rabbids version) ( game only)

14. Born to be wild( trailers only)

Raving Rabbids travel in time


2. Walk the dinosaur

3. Car wash

4. Maniac

5.40th symphony

6. infernal gallop

Rabbids alive and kicking

1. Long country road

2. Introduction

3. Rabbids' mustard

4.Salmon Rush Day


6. in the laboratory

7. carrot juice

8. tenderfoot dance


10. Rabbid-o-matic

11. hot dogs in danger

12. rabzilla

13. rabbids in the hole

14. wack a rabbid

15. inner journey

16. escape...

17. this is the end

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