Snoring Rabbid is the 48th episode of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)


The rabbids are getting stuff for their party.


The rabbids are getting various stuff for their party. We are shown two rabbids obtaining a remote control and a chair. While one rabbid is excited for their discovery and tries to get to the movie watching as fast as he can, his partner is very sleepy, causing him to give all of the weight of the chair onto his partner. To make matters worse, the sleeper falls through the window of an attic and completely falls asleep. Thankfully, his partner manages to find him, soon they get to the highway, and his parnter manages to get him energetic by making him drink some pepper juice. This allows him to go so fast that they manage to get to the movie watching in no time. Howver, at the end, it is revealed that the rabbids are missing the one most important thing for the movie watching, the TV.