Slippery and Soapy is the 77th episode of the 1st season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

A lonely Rabbid becomes best friends with a bar of soap

Summary Edit

The episode begins in a mall with a rabbid desperately trying to become friends with a grumpy rabbid, but keeps failing. Soon, he sees the Hardhat Rabbid, who is trying to make an tower made out of cans. He befriends the lonely rabbid so he helps him with his tower. However, upon finishing it, the Hardhat rabbid then just discards the lonely rabbid, as he no longer needs him. The saddened rabbid goes to the public toilet, where he finds a bar of soap. He instantly starts to like the bar of soap upon seeing it's slippery nature. Meanwhile, the Hardhat rabbid's tower went down so now he is trying again, but can't do anything without the lonely rabbid, who is having a blast with his newfound soap, even having a friend montage with him. However, he keeps losing it as it slips out of his hands, so he desperately follows it's tracks to find it. At the end, the Hardhat rabbid realizes that he is can't do anything without the lonely rabbid, so he comes to apologize to him, which he accepts. The two then have a friend montage again while this time, the soap is a pet.