Raving Rabbids Serguei by LaHire
Sergei only appears as the primary villain in the original Rayman Raving Rabbids. He is a large, gray, gorilla-like Rabbid with permanently red eyes and he wears a metal muzzle. He makes low pitched ape noises and apparantly used to be the leader of the Rabbids. He is responsible for kidnapping Rayman and throwing him in jail violently. Afterwords, as the Rabbids soon begun to treat Rayman with a little more respect, Serguei also started to treat him that way. Instead of grabbing Rayman by his throat he pets him on the head and walks him outside to the Rabbid colisseum. After the 15th day imprisoned, Rayman escapes and it is unknown how Serguei and the other Rabbids react to this and he never appears in any other Rabbids game in the series. However, he appears in the cover of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2.


Serguei is also known as The Butcher

Serguei performs the Deejay song The butcher deejay in the game, meaning he likes music like the other Rabbids

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