The semi leader rabbids are as their name suggests, the semi leaders of the rabbids and the secondary antagonists of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. They are big, fat and lazy and always make the rabbbids go get them food.


Rayman Raving Rabbids 2Edit

They apear in most minigames where they usually order the rabbids to get them food, exept in the theather minigame where one always checks on the rabbids that are talking on their phones during the movie, a minigame where one is a teacher who checks on the kid rabbids who are throwing papers at him, and a minigame where one is a boss at a rabbids work, where he checks on them through silly locations to see if the worker bunnies are dancing. In all of these  minigames, they usually harm the rabbids when they caught them, like throwing heavy things at them in the theater, throwing things back at the students in school, and screaming really loud in the building. There final fates are unknown as they do not appear in any other game.


Name:the semi leader rabbids

Voiced by: Yoann Perrier

Friends: Rabbid, Professor Barranco 3.

Enemies: Rayman, Humans.

Nicknames: Godfather bunnies


Quote: Bwhobwhabwhabwobwahaha

Commanders: Professor Barranco 3.

Fate: unknown (presumbaly defeated)