Seagulls are enemies of the Rabbids and recurring antagonists of Rabbids Invasion (TV series).One seagull first appears as the main villain of the episode Raving Lifeguard where he stole the rabbids prentzel,but they managed to get it back at the end.More seagulls appear as the antagonists of Rabbid Playa where they fought the rabbids for a prentzel.At the end the prentzel lands in Thimothy's hand,who saw them and the rabbids angry.A seagull once again appeared in Music Rabbid as the villain alongside two rabbids.They constantly played music and didn't let a rabbid to have his beauty sleep.At the end the tired rabbid made a pile of speakers and unleashed a sonic wave of music,which caused them to be blown away from the beach.The seagull's latest main villain role is in Rabbid Parasol where he fought the rabbids for a prentzel again,in the end both lose the prentzel and just sit on the beach.