The Scientist Rabbid is a rabbid that appears as Professor Barranco 3's right hand man and the secondary antagonist of Rabbids Alive and kicking.

Rabbids Alive and kickingEdit

He appears in the beggining where he and Professor Barranco 3 drop a cow in a toxic waste with a rabbid to reproduce the rabbid race. They succeed but to many rabbids start popping out and send him in space and into the players living room, where the player slaps him and he faints. Afterwards, you can see him in many 2D rendered mini games where he does experiments on the Rabbids.

Rabbids Heroes Edit

The Scientist Rabbid serves as an antagonist in the android game Rabbids Heroes. Where he is one of the many rabbids to try and beat the Wizard Rabbid's moon challenge, but is defeated by the Rabbid Ninja (or by any other rabbid depending on the player). He is also featured in a card called Pain Lover, which heals the players rabbid. After being defeated, he is unlocked as a playable character.


In Rabbids Alive and kicking he wears glasses and a suit with a Hologram Belt which he can use to drop ingredients in the rabbid mix. He also has this appearance in Rabbid Heroes, but instead of glasses, he has goggles and alarm lights on his head. He also has a necklace with a smiling face on it.

Personality Edit

In his first appearance he looked a bit idiotic for a smart rabbid. In the games, he was loyal and would do what he was told. But now he is extremely psychotic, selfish and traitorous, he even enjoys other's suffering. However, it is this arrogance and over-confident nature that keeps causing his downfall.

Relationships Edit

Professor Barranco 3 Edit

At first he was very loyal to his leader and would do anything that was asked of him.

Rabbids Edit

He barely seems to care about the rabbids, as the only way they could be useful to him is to be his test subjects. If he were to finally succeed in his goals, he would surely leave his minions behind.

Humans Edit

He plans to invade San Francisco in Rabbids Alive Kicking


Full Name: Scientist Rabbid

Voice: Yoann Perrier (games),

Allies: Rabbids Professor Barranco 3

Minions: Thief Rabbid

Enemies: Rayman, Humans.

Other Names: Dr. Rabbid.

Commanders: Professor Barranco 3 (formerly)

Fate: Get's slapped by the player and faints (Rabbids Alive and kicking)


  • This rabbid may be one of the most powerful and smartest rabbids in the whole series.
  • He is also considered to be the most disturbing of them all.
  • He is considered to be the bigger bad of the series,due to being more evil than anyone in the series. Even Professor Barranco 3