The Scientist Rabbid is a rabbid that appears as Professor Barranco 3's right hand man and the secondary antagonist of Rabbids Alive and kicking. He is also the secondary antagonist of the TV show. Appearing as the main villain in nearly every episode he is seen in. It is also revealed here why he is smarter than the other Rabbids.

Rabbids Alive and kickingEdit

He appears in the beggining where he and Professor Barranco 3 drop a cow in a toxic waste with a rabbid to reproduce the rabbid race. They succeed but to many rabbids start popping out and send him in space and into the players living room, where the player slaps him and he faints. Afterwards, you can see him in many 2D rendered mini games where he does experiments on the Rabbids.

Rabbids Invasion Edit

He first appears in Rabbid Dreams, first as a normal rabbid, however, due to being put to sleep because of Gina's presentation, his dream form becomes a super intelligent rabbid that easily explains complicated science factions, but then reveals that he wants to do tests on humans and invades Cody and Jessica's dreams and wants to do tests on them. But the other two dream rabbids (who weren't affected) stopped him and caused everything to get messed up, until Cody and Jessica managed to wake up,defeating him. However, this has caused his real life form to obtain great intelligence. Ultimately setting the events in future episodes.

In Rabbid 2.0 he steals an important part of the Time washing machine from the Ancestor Rabbid and proclaims himself the new rabbid leader. He even tortures Bob The Dog for his own amusement.The ancestor tried many ways to get it back,but failed.However,the part runs out of power,and Bob attacks him and the other present rabbids,but was electocuted by the ancestor,who fixed the part.He and the others then pronounce him a hero and take him to the time washing machine.

In The Moon Rabbid, after one of his experiments to get to the moon goes to bust a rabbid gets in a pile of trash and is mistaken for a alien. The scientist (who also thinks he's an alien) attempts to trick him to get his UFO so he can go to the moon by himself , and when that failed he kidnapped him and wanted to suck out the information by himself with a machine, even if it means killing him. However the other rabbids destroy the machine and accidentally cause the scientist to fall from the platform, however he lands on a giant spring and is catapulted to a trash pile and is later mistaken for a zombie.

He makes a short cameo in Appallo 11 where, after another failed experiment, he carelessly leaves two rabbids to crash in the desert.

In An Intruder Among the Rabbids he is becoming desperate to being the new rabbid leader for his own cause, so he keeps tryng to invent various creations in order to please the others so they would grant him leadership, unfortunately for him one of the test subjects was Zak (disguised as a rabbid) who keeps failing at his experiments, which once again leads him back to the beginning.

In Rabbid Test Pilot, he builds a safety hazardous rocket out of scratch in order to get to the moon and be crowned leader. However most rabbids do not want to work for him anymore. This leaves him without a test subject. So he stands so low to the point of attempts of abduction. He tries a chicken, human baby, an octopus but fortunately they all manage to escape him. He then steals Zak's cat in order to send it to the moon. Zak attempts to record him for proof of his plans. This makes him very nervous and rushful for the experiment, which causes him to accidentally switch the rocket on before he can get off. Zak's cat safely gets down, but the scientist ends up in deep space.

In The Curse of Rabbidkhamun , the Scientist Rabbid serves as an anti-hero. Here he is one of the three rabbids to accidentally release the titular evil pharaoh. Who instantly takes charge over the rabbids and forces them to work for him. Angering the scientist for taking his place. Soon, he realizes that the curse is taking the rabbids to the underworld. Knowing that he would be next, he creates an elaborate construction that traps Rabbidkhamun in his coffin and sends him to space. It is now that the Scientist can finally take charge again.

In Rabbid Tribe, he is the secondary antagonist. He, along with a few other rabbids, is chased up the abandoned bus by a vicious dog due to one rabbid taking his ball and accidentally throwing it in the TV time machine. So, he cruelly has the rabbid thrown off the bus, so the dog can attack (and possibly kill) him in order for them to escape. However, this causes the rabbid to be transported far away where he meets the titular tribe. At the end, after the tribe is defeated. He is seen getting off the bus, only to scold the rabbid once again for keeping the dogs ball.

In Animal Rabbid he is once again the main antagonist. He is hired by Professor Mad Rabbid to clean up his lab. However, his horrible singing causes Mad Rabbid to lose focus in his research, so he tries to shut him up but fails, he then creates a potion that is supposed to mute the Scientist Rabbid's voice, but instead causes him to speak in animal language. Having fed up, Mad Rabbid kicks him out. The same soon happens to all the other rabbids, they kick him out of the community. Angered, the scientist rabbid decides to take revenge after realizing he can speak to animals now. He creates an entire army and enslaves the rabbids. He forces them to crown him the leader and to let him sing. After seeing this, Mad Rabbid tries to stop him but fails. He then creates another potion that will cause the animals to speak the rabbid language. He puts the potion in numerous darts and shoots all the animals with it. Causing the Scientist to lose his power. For punishment, he is forced to finish his cleaning job while the animals get use to speaking Rabbidish. The episode ends with Mad Rabbid creating a potion that causes his ears to disappear so he doesn't have to listen to anything. Finally happy, he continues his research.

Rabbids Heroes Edit

The Scientist Rabbid serves as an antagonist in the android game Rabbids Heroes. Where he is one of the many rabbids to try and beat the Wizard Rabbid's moon challenge, but is defeated by the Rabbid Ninja (or by any other rabbid depending on the player). He is also featured in a card called Pain Lover, which heals the players rabbid. After being defeated, he is unlocked as a playable character.


In Rabbids Alive and kicking he wears glasses and a suit with a Hologram Belt which he can use to drop ingredients in the rabbid mix. He also has this appearence in Rabbid Heroes, but instead of glasses, he has goggles and alarm lights on his head. He also has a necklace with a smiling face on it.

In Rabbids Invasion he still wears glasses, but doesn't wear clothes and instead wears a badge. Unlike other rabbids, he can also talk in a human voice in the dream realm. But still can't in the normal one. Also, the design of his glasses seem to change from black ones with round lids, to brown ones with half-rounded lids from time to time. In Animal Rabbid, he wears a vest.

Personality Edit

In his first appearence he looked a bit idiotic for a smart rabbid,but in Rabbids Invasion the cause of his intelligence is revealed. He is able to build a mind sucking machine with nothing but spare parts. He also appears to be more crazier than normal rabbids. He continuesly shows that he is much more villainous than the others. Also, it seems he has a big change in personality in the TV show than the games, as in the games, he was loyal and would do what he was told. But now he is extremely psychotic, selfish and traitorous, he even enjoys other's suffering. However, it is this arrogance and over-confident nature that keeps causing his downfall.

Relationships Edit

Professor Barranco 3 Edit

At first he was very loyal to his leader and would do anything that was asked of him, however, as his rise to power grew, he realized that he no longer needs the protection of the leader, thus leaving him and starting his own evil plans.

Rabbids Edit

He barely seems to care about the rabbids, as the only way they could be useful to him is to be his test subjects. If he were to finally succeed in his goals, he would surely leave his minions behind.

Humans Edit

Due to them being the main cause of his intelligence (due to John and Gina), he first was curious about them and attempted to see if they are of usefulness to him. However this curiosity is not seen in later episodes, as he only now thinks of them as an annoyance.


Full Name: Scientist Rabbid

Voice: Yoann Perrier (games), David Gasman,later Damien Laquet (Rabbids Invasion)

Allies: Rabbids(formerly),His Boss Professor Barranco 3 (formerly) Minions: Thief Rabbid (possibly)

Enemies: Rabbids, Professor Barranco 3, Rayman, Humans.

Other Names: Dr. Rabbid.

Weapons: Hypno Fan

Quote: To conduct experiments.........ON HUMANS!!! MUAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!, Now it's time for you to sleep too.......

Commanders: Professor Barranco 3 (formerly)

Fate: Get's slapped by the player and faints (Rabbids Alive and kicking) Unknown (Rabbids Invasion)


  • This rabbid may be one of the most powerful and smartest rabbids in the whole series.
  • He is also considered to be the most disturbing of them all.
  • There is also a Female Scientist rabbid
  • In The Moon Rabbid, he completely crosses the line,as he is willing to murder a Rabbid with pleasureE
  • He is considered to be the bigger bad of the series,due to being more evil than anyone in the series. Even Professor Barranco 3
  • He appears in the game version of the TV show as the villain of the DLC level Rabbid Dreams, based on his debut episode.

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