John as a scientist, he and Gina are the main antagonists of Rabbids invasion.

Season 1 Edit

In all of those episodes he and Jessica test the rabbids to see what will happen, however during the last N°98000 he wanted the rabbid to do the tests right.

In The Rabbid Who Fell To Earth he is the main villain again, but he isn't partners with Jessica anymore. He wants to find aliens after he heard a UFO sighting, he then sees the rabbid who is dressed up as a chicken and thinks he is an alien, he then puts the rabbid in a cage and takes him to his laboratory to do experiments with him,but they emerge into a fight in which the rabbid wins by doing absolutely nothing, he later finds uot that it is just a rabbid in disguise and the other rabbids come for him. At the end an actual alien is standing right besides him but he thinks it is just a trick, so he kicks the alien, and a UFO picks the alien up.

In Rabbids Dreams he is partners with Jessica again and the try to look at the rabbids dreams. However in this episode Jessica calls him john which is his middle name.

He and Jessica are the again the main antagonists in the newer N°98000 episodes.

In Rabbid Like Me he and Jessica go ona mission. He dreeses up as a rabbid. He tries to bond in with the rabbids, he talks in a stupid language and the rabbids think he's saying something sad. He then does everything the rabbids do. He later nearly get's uncovered but does something stupid every time. They again do stupid stuff. At the end Cody himself becomes crazy and Jessica gets arrested from Jacques Garrett

 Season 2 Edit

In Being Rabbid, He returns sane again, John tried to make a Rabbid smarter using a new invention, but it backfires and switches his body with the Rabbid's. He tried to switch himself back to his normal self, but keeps failing and when the Rabbid entered the lab, John was forced to face the biggest torment of his life. When Jessica arrived, Cody tried to tell her what happened, But Jessica didn't belive him, thinking the Rabbids are still stupid. So she pushed a button to drop him down a trapdoor, oblivious to the fact she dropped John in the trapdoor rather than the ACTUAL Rabbid.

He and Jessica would later star in future episodes that take place before this mishap.

In Being Rabbid-part 2 John is tryng to fix his situation but the rabbids make him the new leader due to him able to talk normaly, he decides to leave them in order to fix his situation but the rabbids do not want him to leave, while Jessica suffers with the rabbids inside John's body. But soon Jessica manages to get John to the lab, which gives him the chance to explain everything. A big disaster then begins as Jessica overloads his machine and electrocutes herself, John and the rabbid. In the end John get's his body back, but then the rabbid and Jessica switch places and she ends up being a rabbid.

In the three-part Season 2 finale, John serves as the main antagonist once again. In the lab, John tries to prove to Gina that there are more kinds of rabbids, with the third kind being the intelligent one. He tries to do this through a donut test. However, the experiment fails and Gina is left unimpressed by John's work. Angered, he decides to prove his theory by using his own gadget (improved this time) to increase the rabbids's intelligence without him being present. It seems to be working, until the gadget overloads and instead of making the rabbids intelligent it causes their biological state to be changed. Causing them to obtain superpowers. Finally free from the scientists, the three rabbids fly out of the lab into the city. Whilst John decides to take matters into his own hands. Later, the Rabbids, now free with superpowers, decide to check out their new abilities and put them to good use. However, instead of helping people like they think they are, they are scaring them and causing a panic. Soon this matter get's even worse when the USA president makes a contract in which all countries are to sign in order for the rabbids to be taken down. Finally, the situation goes to rock bottom when John pulls out a powerful stunning gun and decides to hunt down the rabbids and imprison them in his lab once again. In his plane, the USA President is ready to sign the contract that will have their forces attack the rabbids. However, before he can do so, the three rabbids accidentally crash into his plane. Here he realises that the rabbids are not a threat, they're just really stupid. However, his team (and John) mistake this crashing as an attack, so they decide to crash the plane to terminate the threat. They shoot out a missile that causes the plane to start falling down. The President, showing more of his athletic abilities, tries to get a parachutes for himself and the rabbids. But the rabbids don't understand and keep getting rid of the parachutes. Finally, the President falls out of the plane. However, the rabbids show their heroic side by saving his life. Impressed by their bravery, he calls back his order attack the rabbids and decides to let them peacefully leave. However, John doesn't take this seriously and pulls out his gun to stun the Rabbids and take them to his lab. Thankfully, his shot is backflired back at him. The Rabbids then leave.

Season 3 Edit

In Rabbid Theory, John welcomes his boss to his lab and decides to show him his research on Rabbids as one of the most idiotic species to live in order to get recognition. To do this he abducts three rabbids, one of them being the Ancestor, in order to humiliate and hurt them to show that they are worthless. He manages to eliminate the first two rabbids easily. However, the Ancestor doesn't give up without a fight. He beats all of John's challenges and even lures him to the testing chamber. They engage in a game of chess in which the Ancestor wins. John then decides to beat him at a sport- Basketball, in order to prove the ancestor is dumb like the others. He even goes as far as to taunt the ancestor. However, his boss realises that Lapinibernatus is indeed smart, and how cruel John is. So he finally does something by kicking John out of the lab and into the Rabbids junkyard, while keeping Lapinibernatus as a partner. 

n Being Rabbids part 3, we pick up where we left off in the last part. Gina's mind has switched with a rabbids. John tries to fix it but instead accidentally throws Gina down the pipes and into the rabbid Junkyard. There she meets Lapinibernatus, who instantly falls in love with her. He proves to her that he is an intelligent rabbid who can understand her. Whilst hiding the other rabbids from her, he helps her and tries to impress her as much as he can. Soon, Gina creates a machine that will make her human again. She then offers Lapinibernatus to become human with her so they can be together. However, just then, John jumps down the pipes, knocks out Lapinibernatus and takes Gina. With Lapinibernatus's heart broken. Gina is then restored to normal and angrily beats John up for not listening to her when she pleaded him to take Lapinibernatus as well. 

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