Schnoz Rabbid is the 24th episode of season 1 of Rabbids Invasion. It aired alongside Keypad Rabbids and Special Agent Rabbids


The Rabbids play with a rubber nose.


Professor Barranco 3 is headed on the sidewalk when they discover a baby wooden horse when last rabbid wanted to get on Barranco 3 was not happy hitting the rabbid with a toilet plunger but the rabbid found a nose and started bragging to the other rabbids. The professor explained what was going on but the rabbids laughed and showed no respect Barranco 3 was not happy smashing his plunger on the ground and going away with rage. Barranco 3 wanted to prove himself by getting a better nose, after a lot of tries, he puts a sausage for a nose, which caused all of his minions to respect him, ending the episode.






  • Professor Barranco 3's red eye temporarily becomes its right eye, before switching back to its customary position on the left.