Santa Claus AKA Joe is a human dressed as Santa Claus who appears in Rabbids Go Home. He can be found in various levels and areas throughout the game. He wears a Santa suit and hat, and carries a sack which for some unknown reason is full of Hamburgers. Like other humans he will flee from the Rabbids, but must be attacked several times to obtain all his stuff which along with several Hamburgers, includes his sack and clothes (except for his Santa Hat). Once he is relieved of all his stuff, he will break his Santa Claus act and claims his name is Joe and insist he is not really Santa Claus (it is unknown whether he is simply an eccentric man dressed as Santa Claus or if he actually Santa Claus (only claiming his name is Joe in order to convince the Rabbids to leave him alone). Normally he is just another human target for the Rabbids to relieve of his stuff (albeit one who possess extra stuff), however in the level "Country Free For All", he (or a group of Santa Claus) holds the pieces of pipe the Rabbids need to access the level's XL stuff, a broken down station wagon.


  • In the game, Joe/Santa Claus appears in multiple levels and often found in odd or out of the way places (such as a walkway above one of the hospital rooms). In "Country Free For All" their appears to be multiple Joe's/Santa Claus each holding a piece of pipe. His various appearances in the game could be consider an easter egg of sorts.
  • Early in the game he can be found in the city's playground area, but later on is replaced by a Verminator bomb shooter.

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