Sandra is an assistant manager in the People Company Enterprises Inc. She usually get's called by The Boss to come in his office. She rides around on a Moped.

Rabbids Go HomeEdit

The rabbids must follow her and get to the end before time runs out. After a while, she dresses up in a pink Verminator outfit, but does the same she did before. She is seen in the ending where she along with other humans, celebrates after the rabbids are blasted off, but soon runs away while all human stuff falls down and nearly crushes them. If the player is fast, they could actually get to the exit before Sandra, but this does nothing.


  • Despite her role as an antagonist, she is a somewhat sympathetic character as her Boss is very demanding and treats her very poorly (at one point he orders her to "Heel" like a dog).
  • Like most Humans, Rabbids can steal her clothes and Stuff, though only after they make it to The Boss' office. Additionally, they can also collect her Moped after reaching the office.

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