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The ''Red Eyes Adrenaline Rush'' is a very strange reaction that occurs very often to the Rabbid species. Usually when this happens to a Rabbid, its eyes will switch from blue to red and will emit a very loud shriek. Their heads will also shake uncontrollably fast.

Information Edit

When a Rabbid turns its eyes red, according to the ''Bwaasome Book of Rabbids'' it means that something has been triggered inside the Rabbid's head. Exactly what is triggered is unclear, (sometimes it is anger or frustration) but is very notable that once it begins there is no way of knowing when it will end. A Rabbid with red eyes has lost all control of its thoughts meaning that any action it proceeds to do is taken solely upon instinct and has absolutely no idea of what its doing. The adrenaline rush is considered to be very dangerous as Humans are known to be victims of Rabbid attacks or ambushes whenever their eyes turn red.

In the TV series Edit

In Rabbids Invasion, the Rabbids' adrenaline rushes do not occur as often as they do in the games and viral videos. On rare occasions when it happens, the Rabbids' eyes remain blue and do not split apart. On very early episodes of the first season, however, the red eyes have appeared