Rayman Raving Rabbids is the first game in the Rabbids series. It came out in 2006 for the Wii, Playstation 2 and Game Boy Advanced in 2006 then for DS and Xbox in 2007.


The game begins with a cutscene showing Rayman  having a peaceful picnic with the Baby Globoxes, until it is interrupted by a brief earthquake, this causes the globox kids to be submerged into the ground. Suddenly three large Rabbids emerge from the ground. Rayman offers them food, but instead is kidnapped by Serguei, a large gorilla-like rabbid. Soon Rayman is thrown into a colisseum surrounded by thousands of Rabbids. Rayman is then put through a series of trials and competitions, earning plungers by winning them. Rayman is put in a cell and realizes that he can build a ladder with the plungers in order to escape through the window. As the game progresses, the Rabbids begin to cheer on Rayman, thus making him more popular among the Rabbid community. At the end of the game, Rayman manages to escape through the window, but soon finds out that the rabbids did not force him to do the minigames just for amusement,but rather to teach them how to do it so they can do the same to the baby globoxes. He tries to go through the same hole the globox kids were sunk into, but instead gets stuck in the hole himself. It is unknown how the Rabbids react to Rayman's disappereance nor the fate of the Globox kids.While the console versions and ds version have the same plot and are almost identical, there are some differences.Both involve rayman get capture by the rabbids,taken to the collesium,and rayman has to escape, but in the ds version rayman has to get 100 trophies and defeat the rabbid droid, while the console versions have rayman to get 15 plunger in order to escape


Mini gamesEdit


Rayman -the main protagonist, Rabbids have captured him and the baby globoxes.

Baby globoxes-the deuteragonists.

Rabbids-the main antagonists

Trolls-supporting villain


  • This is the first and last time we see serguei it is unknown if he returns in Rabbids Invasion. The gba version may be a prequel to the console versions and the DS version but set after the events of rayman 3 hoodlums havoc, gab version and hoodlums revenge since it and rayman 3 on gba are the same consoles. The gba version and the DS version are both platformers/party but they are different to each other as the DS version is much better than the gba version. The gba version is closer to that of the beta version. The DS version is the same soundtrack as the console versions and features minigames that many are based on the console versions. The minigames of the DS version can also be unlocked in extra mode and the score as many points as you can. In some minigames of the console versions and the DS version the rabbis are playable.
  • The handheld versions are not only platformers but also are party games.all versions are party games

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