Raving Rabbids Travel in Time is the 5th game in the Rabbids series, and unlike Rabbids go home, it returns to the party genre. The storyline narrates as a blue- underweared rabbid seems to have found a time machine that has a strange reesemblance to a washing machine. The rabbid goes through several trips in history (prehistory, egypt, medieval times) before landing in a museum with 2012 as the default year.The time machine was damaged in the trips the rabbid made so he made himself a comfy home at the museum (after scaring its owner). The rabbid then messes with history by somehow accessing historical paintings. changing history creates several time paradoxes in the future, theses paradoxes somehow fix the time machine, the rabbid then goes through it and ends up in the future, where the rabbids are planning to take over the world once again. the blue underwear rabbid accidentally pulls the plug on the time machine, which sends him back to the museum.