Raving Lifeguard is the 8th episode of the first season of Rabbids Invasion. It aired on Nickelodeon on August 17, 2013 alongside Rabbids Say Cheese and Rabbid Market.


The Rabbids bring chaos to a lifeguard's shift at the beach.


As a relaxing boardwalk is shown Lucius saves Grace from a melon on her face the 3 senior old ladies HelenLindsey and Mona Clouseau adore him. Meanwhile 3 Rabbids run in chasing Marty the seagull that stole their pretzel and has a third rabbid hanging on to him while flying. They then break most of the pretzel off. The rabbids fight for the pretzel but soon see Patrick save Grace and the third rabbid comes. Once the old ladies scream,they laugh.But soon fight for the pretzel again. The third one sees Marty still having a part of the pretzel and he decides to go after that part. Mona then fakes a heart attack so Patrick gives her mouth to mouth.But Patrick uses elecrticutes her 'back to life' and she yodels.Which the rabbids laugh at again.Patrick got distracted by the third rabbid (who tried to shoot fireworks at Marty),while the other two rabbids decide to do see what's inside his hospital box. A rabbid electrocutes himself but doesn't get harmed.And one steals another lifeguard's underwear and bathing pants.The rabbid takes the pants and throws away the underwear.He then runs like the lifeguard but the old ladies don't notice him.But he and the second rabbid decide to make Mona scream by electrocuting her. Patrick saves her,the ladies scream, the rabbids laugh and then try to electrocute another old lady. She tries to hit them but they avoid. The sun light reflects at the sky making a submarine driver think Patrick's saying something about his mother and other parts of his family. After that the naked lifeguard, the waiter and the captain wanted to beat up Patrick, who says its the rabbids fault. They don't believe him and beat him up. The rabbids save his life by electrocutioning him,making him yodel,the ladies scream,and the rabbids laugh. The waiter apologizes to Patrick, while the rabbids manage to get the pretzel part back by reflecting the sun at Marty's eyes,causing him to drop the pretzel part. Meanwhile the submarine driver once again thinks what he thinked earlier but this time he says to the captain that he doesn't want to know.


Damien Laquet - Rabbids (voice)



  • It is revealed that Rabbids enjoy the excited yelling of old ladies.

This episode adds to what rabbids are immune too

  • Need of Air
  • Beaten Physically
  • Undigestable Objects
  • ​Electricity

In the Official Nickelodeon website for Rabbids Invasion, this episode is incorrectly titled Baywatch Rabbids

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

The scene where the lifeguard is running in slow motion is a parody of David Hasselhoffs character from the TV series Baywatch.