Raving Chicken is the 64th episode of Rabbids Invasion


A rabbid get's hit on the head and thinks he's a chicken


The episode begins with two rabbids hanging out at a farm. However, their rather violent tendecies accidentally get one rabbid hit on the head with a rock. While unconcious, he hears a chicken, thus making his brain think that he is a chicken. His companion is amused by this, but decides to do other stuff, leaving the chicken rabbid alone. The chicken rabbid tries to do regular things for chickens and fit in with the farm chickens. He first tries to get worms to it, but has complications with this, as he gets into a fight with another chicken. He then decides to lay an egg, but due to being incapable of such, he finds a ping-pong ball and puts it under his butt. His friend from earlier decides to mess with him by taking the ping-pong ball away from him. However, this infuriates the chicken rabbid, causing him to attack his friend and try to take the ball back. They get into a fight, which ends by once again hitting the chicken rabbid in the head, only this time the other rabbid suffers as well, as he accidentally gets crushed by a spare tire. The chicken rabbid wakes up and is normal again, while the other rabbid wakes up and thinks he's a cow.


  • Main antagonist:2#
  • 2# and 3# from the episode Omelet Party returned in this episode.