Radioactive Rabbid is the 28th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


Professor Mad Rabbid's assistant accidentally swallows the last of the plutonium.


The episode begins with with Professor Mad Rabbid getting a box of plutonium in an attempt to use it to enlarge a chicken. However, his assistant accidentally swallows the plutonium, causing him to get affected by it and changing into many diffirent forms. Angered, Professor Mad Rabbid orders his assistant to help him break into a laboratory to get more plutonium. He takes the rabbid's shifting forms to good use by using his small form to get through the security bars and let him inside. He then uses his large form to climb up the roof of the lab. However, the assistant falls down and a security guard sees him and tries to apprehend him, but is soon scared off after the rabbid accidentally gets two teeth-like bars stuck in his mouth, thus looking like an alien. Mad Rabbid manages to get him up and open the metal door on the roof with the two teeth bars. The assistant then lowers him down to the plutonium room filled with lasers. He skillfully dodges the lasers and opens the case with plutonium in it. However, the assistant accidentally sets the alarms. Soon the entire security comes and tries to take the rabbids. Fortunately, the assistant accidentally swallows a fly, gaining its DNA and managing to fly both of them to safety, until the DNA wears off. The guard dog tries to attack them, but the assistant grabs the plutoniom and throws it away, tempting the dog to go after it and failing the mission in the process. At the end, Mad Rabbid decides to use his plutonium-influenced assistant for his chicken experiment, only to end up once again creating a vicious giant chicken out to get them.


  • The plutonium affected rabbid warps into many forms that resemble other rabbids during the episode, including Mini-Rabbid and Gorilla Rabbid.
  • The Giant Chicken makes the second appearance.
  • Main antagonist: Security Guard.