Rabbidzzzzzz is the 30th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion.


The other Rabbids keep Lapinibernatus from napping.


The episode begins with the Rabbids playing a game with a block whilst Lapinibernatus is tired after a busy day, so he consumes some teabags from his suitcase and falls asleep. He dreams that he is in a lovely field with animals and is playing the flute. However, this dream is short lasted as the rabbids wake him up. Angered, Lapinibernatus uses his electric plunger to blast them away. He then consumes more teabags and falls asleep. Intrigued by this, all the rabbids, except Mini-Rabbid, try this out. Very soon, they all end up in Lapinibernatus's dream and decide to play their game with a log in the dream. Meanwhile, in the real world, Mini-Rabbid happily plays the game now that he has the block all the time. But the fun soon ends, so he tries to wake his friends up. Switching back to the dream world, we see Lapinibernatus and his animals fight with the rabbids for the log, until they are woken up by Mini Rabbid, who threw them off the giant ramp, but consumed all of the remaining teabags in the process. After waking up, the rabbids decide to use Mini-Rabbid instead of the block for the game, while he is enjoying peace and harmony in the dream realm.