Rabbidus Carnivorous is the 9th episode of the 3rd season of Rabbids Invasion (TV series)

Plot Edit

A Rabbid uses the time machine to get some eggs.

Summary Edit

It is lunchtime at the Rabbid Junkyard and they are having eggs for lunch. However, due to the large number of the Rabbids the cooks soon run out of eggs. A rabbid tries to get more of them but accidentally destroys them, and the chickens who made them. He then sees one last chicken remaining, but is accidentally lured into the TV time machine. He warps back in the prehistoric era. He sees a couple of green eggs. He grabs them and goes back. Afterwards, he and the others try to crack them, but with no success. The Rabbid even tries to eat one without taking off the shell, but only gets sick and has to go to the bathroom to throw up. Deciding to give up, the Rabbids throw the eggs in their water tank and go to sleep. The next morning they find out that the eggs have responded to the water and have grown into huge Carnivorous Plants. They quickly start swallowing the Rabbids one by one. Two Rabbids try to camouflage them selves in plain sight, but fail. Finally, only the rabbid who brought the eggs remains. After finally getting out of the bathroom, he soon discovers a side effect for eating the egg. He starts burping out bubbles containing his bad breath. However, these bubbles turn out to be so bad that they are capable of killing the Plants and freeing all of the swallowed Rabbids. At the end, the rabbid throws up the final living egg, which the Rabbids flush in the toilet. Leaving the plant to hatch somewhere where it will not bother them.


· Antagonists: Prehistoric Carnivorous Plants