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Rabbids Preppers is another rabbids promotional viral video series released in 2012. It is not promoting any recent rabbids game but is a satirical parody of the Mayan prediction of the end of the world. A Rabbid is locked inside a safe metal room in which he has stored all kinds of material he needs to 'survive the apocalypse. He also has a large digital clock counting down to December 21st ,2012. He also has a checklist of necessary things he is missing such as water, gas and electricity.

A week after the supposed apocalypse, another video was released titled Rabbids Preppers-the end of the world did not happen, showing the rabbid still inside the room waiting for something to happen, but the rabbid looks wasted, tired, annoyed, and bored.
Rabbids Doomsday 21st Dec 2012 EN HD02:00

Rabbids Doomsday 21st Dec 2012 EN HD

Rabbids Doomsday 21st Dec 2012 EN HD-002:00

Rabbids Doomsday 21st Dec 2012 EN HD-0

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