Several Rabbids merchandise which has been produced and sold over the years.


Rabbids Charging Station Edit

A charging station for two Wii remotes shaped like a screaming Rabbid. When it is turned on, the Rabbid's eyes will glow blue. Once the wii remotes are placed in the Rabbid's hands, however, its eyes will glow red.

Wii Remote Cover Edit

A soft cover modeled after a Rabbid that can be used to protect your Wii Remote. It is sold in most Gamestops.


Wii Balance Board cover Edit


Plunger Gun Edit

A Wii Remote Holder modeled after the Rabbids' Plunger Gun used in Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Ringtones Edit

Ubisoft has released several ringtones with Rabbids sounds. These can be purchased from iTunes. The available ringtones are:

  • .Bwaaaaah!
  • .Rabbids Speaker
  • .Under the Shower
  • .Rabbids Flushed
  • . Happy Rabbids
  • Rabbids Laughing
  • .Scary Rabbids

DVDs Edit

Toys Edit

Main article: Rabbids Toys

Comics Edit

Main article: Rabbids (Comic Book Series)

Books Edit

Rabbids Invasion Books Edit

In the year 2013, Ubisoft made a partnership with books publisher Simon and Schuster to release various children's books based on Rabbids Invasion

  • Case File # 1: First Contact
  • Case File # 2: New Developments
  • Case File # 3:The Accidental Accomplice
  • Case File # 4: Rabbids Go Viral
  • Case File # 5: Rabbids Get Access
  • Case File # 6: Rabbids Road Trip
  • Case File # 7: Red Carpet Rabbids
  • Rabbids Invade Halloween
  • Attack of the Zombie Rabbids
  • Deep Freeze
  • Chickens and the Eggs
  • Need for Speed
  • Rabbid of the Sea
  • Rabbids at the Museum
  • Here Come the Easter Rabbids
  • A Bwaaahmazing Sticker Collection
  • The Bwaaahsome Book of Rabbids
  • The Twelve Rabbids of Christmas
  • Laugh your Rabbids Off!
  • Cracking up with the Rabbids

Other Books Edit

Magazines Edit

A monthly magazine was given a way exclusively for members of the Rabbids Fan Club. Years later, a magazine entitled ''All About Rabbids'' began releasing montly in most countries accross Europe.

Rabbids Screaming Figurine and Illustrated Book Edit

41WegdKlpOL. SY268 BO1,204,203,200

A small box containing a somewhat soft Rabbid figurine. It will emit a Rabbid scream when its belly is pressed. Also contained in the box is a booklet that explains the Rabbids' personalities and motivations.

Calendars Edit


Several Calendars were sold in both France and in Germany featuring humorous illustrations featuring the Rabbids. Additionally, a 2015 calendar based on Rabbids Invasion was released years later.

The Rabbids ''Bwaaah!'' Box Edit


A small cilinder-esque item with speakers on the top, and various hand-drawn Rabbids on the side. Once it is pressed, it will emit a Rabbid scream.

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