Rabbids Land is the 7th game in the rabbids series.The game was released on November 13, 2012 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U console.


The board game mode

Plot (intro of the game)Edit

Continuing their invasion from Rabbids: Alive and Kicking, the rabbids find themselves taking over an amusment park. Two rabbids are attempting to ride an Xtreme Rollercoaster, but are thrown out by an unseen person. One of the rabbids contacts the rabbid mothership through an iPhone-like device. The rabbid in the mothership is too busy playing with the wii u gamepad, the rabbid lets out a huge sneeze that scares all the humans in the amusement park. Unaware of the consquences, the rabbid in the mothership continues to play with the gamepad, which was actually controlling the whole ship. The Rabbid turns the gamepad upside down, which causes the the ship to land in the amusement park. After this, the player will have to choose his desired rabbid that he will have to use in each mini-game.


The game features a board game-like scenario. The player will have to roll a dice with the wii U gamepad and depending on the number the dice lands, the Rabbid will move to the corresponding square. These squares trigger a different feature and can be easily told apart just by looking at the symbol drawn on the square. If your rabbid lands on the question mark square, you will be forced to answer a complex question. if you land on a present square, you will receive a special power up that will allow you to cheat. If you land on the dice, you will be able to roll the dice a second time.Your primary goal is to win the board game by winning 10 or more trophies, which can be collected by playing and winning a minigame. Minigames can only be played if your rabbid lands on a square with castle symbol placed on it. Only two players can play at a time. The minigames are based on rabbids invading each attraction of the amusement park. One minigame has the rabbids riding a planetary-themed roller coaster launching fireballs to the rhythm of the music playing in the background. Once a player has collected all 10 trophies, the game is over and the player can win bonus videos. He can also replay the minigames he or she has unlocked during the board game mode.


Minigames offer players the chance to win three trophies. If one human player plays a minigame against a computer controlled player, the human player must play the minigame with the Gamepad, though if two human players play, then the second player plays with a Wiimote and a nunchuck. If two computer controlled players play a minigame, the game automatically decides which one wins the trophies. Minigames which do appear during a Trophy Race can be unlocked for the Treasure Hunt and Free Play modes when they are played at least once. There are a total of 19 minigames in the game, and they are as follows:


Rabbids - The main protagonists, the player can make them in different colors.

Mr. Lucky - The deuteragonist, he is the mascot and owner of the Amusement Park. He hosts the board game along with the quiz and event wheel.

Thief Rabbids - The main antagonist, they can be playable, but the player can be against them, Mr. Lucky also releases a Thief Rabbid sometimes.

The Flying Dunchbbid - The secondary antagonist he is ghost rabbid that can be playable, but the player can also be against him.

Exclusive videosEdit

The game will have exclusive unlockable Rabbids videos exclusive to the wii U. A preview of these videos has been seen on Youtube, these included clips of Rabbids interacting with various objects such as a gelatin and what seems to be an iPad or another kind of tablet.


The game's original score was composed by Jennifer Remmington. A 16 track soundtrack is available for download on iTunes and  some of the rythm mini games also have some original songs like Make the Party don't stop by bunny beatz

List of original songs used in Rabbids Land:

Bunny beatz - Make the party (Don't stop)

ANJA - Crazy little thing

ANJA - Dance all nite


It is revealed on the news feature at the botttom of the game screen, that the game "'Just Dance was an evolution from a minigame from Rayman Raving rabbids TV party

In the minigame The Gift of taking, a poster of Just Dance can be seen pasted on a wall.

The exclusive videos included are titled Rabbids can't.These  videos could possibly be a continuation of the bunnies very useful scientific facts, which always ended in a Bunnies can't segement. The same dance score plays when the video is over.

The end credits of the game features caricatures of the people who worked in the game. All of the caricatures have bunny ears on them.

The main score for the Star cheap discovery minigame features rabbids singing along. However, the downloadable version is on iTunes but it does not have the rabbids singing along.

The amusement park the rabbids are invading may be inspired by the Disney Land amusement park. Both of these theme parks have a large castle attraction and gift shops in the middle of the street.

Some minigames have some pop culture references. the minigame Lose your Marbles is a parody of Indiana Jones and the Ghosts Suck minigame is a parody of Ghostbusters.

This is the second rabbids game to feature original songs, the first one being Rabbids: Alive and Kicking

In the loading screen, Mr Lucky can been seen doing a little dance. The dance he doing is actually based of the Here Comes to Hotstepper dance from Just Dance 2 (where the rabbids made a cameo) and they're doing the same dance as it was shown in this game.