131121 lapins cretins invasion

The Cover

Rabbids Invasion- Part 1 ( The Lapins Cretins Invasion- part 1) is the first official DVD release for Rabbids Invasion. So far, it has only been released in France. It contains the first 13 episodes of the series in the order they aired in France. It was released on November 20th, 2013.


1. Stop! No More! ( Lapin Stop)

2. Omelet Party ( Omelette Cretine)

3. Rabbid Mollusk ( Poulpe Cretin)

4.  Rabbid, Are You There? ( Lapin es- tu la?)

5. Rabbid Playa ( Plage Cretine)

6. Escalator Rabbid ( Escalator Cretin)

7. Runway Rabbids

8. Raving Lifeguard

9. Rabbid Market (

10. Rabbids vs the Vacuum Cleaner ( Aspiro Cretin)

11. Elevatorus Rabbidinus ( Ascensur Cretin)

12. Fast Food Rabbid ( Fast Food Cretin)

Special FeaturesEdit



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