Rabbids Heroes is a 2016 Rabbids android/iOS game. It is a RPG fighting type.

Official Description Edit

Step into the arena for fast-paced duels in this tactical card game. Choose your playstyle, equip your hero with crazy weapons, items and stances to strike your opponent with smashing card combos.

Enter the Rabbids fantasy world, gather on the Moonolith to take part in a fighting tournament to reach the moon and enter the legend. Pick a Rabbid hero and join the fight for unpredictable and epic one-to-one matches against real players. 

Features Edit

PICK YOUR RABBID HERO! Invade a Fantasy Universe where Knight, Wizard, Ninja, Hunter and Scientist duel against each other! Choose your playstyle and fight for the moon!

PREPARE YOUR DECK! Earn, craft and collect the 200 craziest cards ever! Build your deck with them to customize your Rabbids Hero equipment.

FIGHT PVP IN EPIC ARENAS Bring the bwaaahsome into the arena and show off your moves against real players on a tactical board that will challenge your skills.

COMBAT YOUR FRIENDS Provoke your friends in duels and outsmart them to climb the Moonolith.

PRACTICE SOLO Try your decks, level up your Hero and experiment your combos against an AI to discover the most powerful strategies.

PLAY EVERYWHERE & ANYTIME Your collection and progress will follow you on any device and platform.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second Rabbid RPG fighting game, the first being Rabbids Rumble.

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