Gameplay update
Rabbids Go Phone again is an update/sequel to the previous ios game rabbids go phone. It has the same gameplay and soundtrack from the previous game. Only this time the rabbid is able to interact with various objects such as a toilet brush, a pirahna, a cell phone and many others that can be unlocked by exploring the app. There is also the optional historical pack that allows you to unlock costumes based on Raving Rabbids Travel in Time. It also unlocks different backgrounds and wallpapers, which are also based on travel in time. This update introduced a new feature that allows you to take a picture with a rabbid. This feature is possibly based on Rabbids Alive And Kicking. The goodies section has also been updated. The BWAAAH button is no longer available. And it now features trailers for Raving Rabbids Travel in Time and Rabbids
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alive and kicking..But the comics are still available and have not changed.

New icon of the app

An iPad version ( Rabbids Go HD) is also available