The front cover for the Wii version of the game. Note the snap just on the left-side road of the highway. Also note the tweedle flying over the castle in the background

Rabbids Go Home is the fourth installment in the Rabbids series. It was released on the Nintendo Wii on November 2009. Unlike the three previous Rabbids games, Go Home is a comdey-adventure game rather than the original party game format. It's one of the most important games in the series since it's the first game to completely exclude Rayman from the franchise, leading to the Rabbids having created their own seperate franchise. In this game, the Rabbids grow tired of invading the Earth and decide to go back to their home, which they think is the Moon. In order to get to the moon, the Rabbids decide build a humongous pile of human objects, tall enough to reach the moon.


The Rabbids are sleeping in some light bulbs found in a junkyard, leaving two rabbids without anywhere to sleep. When they see the moon, they think it's a giant light bulb and decide that it is their home. The two rabbids decide to bulid a pile tall enough to reach the moon, so they grab a shopping cart, and with the help of a rabbid Brass Band, they start stealing human stuff to build their pile. The humans soon revolt, and become verminators and desperately try to get their stuff back from the rabbids. The player must control the two rabbids and their shopping cart and try to collect as much stuff s posssible in each level. XS stuff is optional, but is mandatory to collect XL stuff to make the pile grow. All the stuff collected is thrown down a toilet and then somehow ends up in the pile. The player can also interact with a rabbid stuck inside the wii remote and customize him and throw him into the game like that. In the ending of the game, the rabbids throw a cow at the pile. And then they realize they need more stuff to reach the moon. The humans launch bombs onto the pile, making it launch all the way to the sky, like a rocket. All the stuff falls back into the ground and are returned to the humans. Meanwhile, the rabbids end up in space, slowly landing on the moon. It is unknown how the rabbids return to Earth in Raving Rabbids Travel in Time.


Players take control of two Rabbids riding a shopping cart using the Nunchuck. The main objective if the game is to collect as much XS stuff as possible in each mission. Collecting all XS stuff is optional, but in order to complete the level, collecting an XL object is mandatory, these XL objects include Cows, Bubble Beds, and Airplane Turbines. At some points in the game, you will be able to go the junkyard, which is the main base for the pile, and throw a recent XL object into the pile, later granting you upgradable abilities for your Rabbids such as the Super Boost and the ability to drive your shopping cart through the water. The main hub of the game is the downtown section of the city, where you can collect anything you desire or find the entrances for your next mission, this city will evolve as you progress through the game as Verminators begin to appear within the city. In each mission, if you collect certain special objects, you will trigger a cutscene involving the Rabbids interacting with the object you just picked up in hilarious ways, in order to provide the player comic relief through gameplay. Some levels have you riding on jet turbines or racing cows, which offer unique and varied gameplay experience. During certain parts of the game, you will also be able to give the objects you've collected so far to the Collector Rabbids, who are large Rabbids playing tubas


Area 1

  • Shop Till you Drop
  • In the Nick of Time
  • Infectious Blues
  • Wack a Wabbid 

Area 2

  • Just plane Dumb
  • Rabbid fire Reaction
  • High Stakes Steak
  • Bubble Bed Bonanza
  • Super Racket in the Market

Area 3

  • Atomic Rabbid Blast
  • Rules Are for Tools
  • Totally Tubing
  • Apocalypse Cow
  • Furryous Fun

Area 4

  • Backwater Rabbids
  • Bubble Bed Blues
  • Time is Money, Honey
  • County Free For All
  • Hoppy Xmas
  • Cow-tch Me If You Can

Area 5

  • Rabbids Go Boom
  • Fetechez La Vache
  • Hard Hat Helping
  • Haredevil Rabbids.
  • Hold Up in The Hangar
  • 14 Carrot Rabbid

Area 6

  • Till Rabbids Do Us Cart
  • Carry On Catastrophe
  • Scrap Happy Rabbids
  • Moo-Ning Miami
  • King of The Pile                            


1. Bwaaaah! Attack

2. Super Boost

3. Cannonball Rabbid

Light Bulbs Edit

The light bulbs are considered as health. But classified as "ideas". The light bulbs first appear in Shop Till You Drop. At the start your Rabbids have three light bulbs but you can earn three more to make six with challenges in The Wii Remote. If you lose all of them, a cutscene will play when the last light bulb goes out then the Rabbid yells "BWAAAH!" But no game over will occur; You'll just start off at the last checkpoint. But If you fall off a high place, you'll lose ALL of your light bulbs instantly.

3 light bulbs

Your Rabbids with three light bulbs.

4 light bulbs

Your Rabbids with four light bulbs.

5 light bulbs

Your Rabbids with five light bulbs.

6 light bulbs

Your Rabbids with six light bulbs.


The characters are an important part of any game :

Humans - you already know what these are.

Rabbids - there are a few types of these such as The Rabbid Brass band and the Collector Rabbid.

The Verminators - the main antagonists, they are humans which have become big, ugly and with special anti-BWAAAH powers.

Rabbids Go Home-3

Rabbids Brass Band: A Brass Band formed of Rabbids. There names are Otto (Tuba), Henry (French Horn), Dave (Clarinet), and Steven (Drums).

In The Wii RemoteEdit

The player can choose a rabbid and suck him in the wii remote. They can do challenges to earn light bulbs, make figurens, put acessories, play with tools, and customize a rabbid. The player can customize a rabbid however they want. A rabbid can even be costumized to look like Clark the Superbunny or Professor Barranco 1 and many more.


The game's score was composed and perfromes by a romanian brass band named Fanfare Vagabontu. The soundtrack is available for download on iTunes.


  • This is the first Raving Rabbids game not to include Rayman.
  • It is unknown what happened to Rayman after Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party as he never appeared in any Rabbids game again, though he did run off with a series of his own.
  • This is the first Rabbids game to not be a party game.
  • The Rabbids in this game don't look very evil now as they now have a more cuter design.
  • Though they might still look abit evil on the cover of the game.