The Rabbidroid is a robot rabbid and a recurring character in the TV show.

Biography Edit

Rabbids Invasion Rabbiddroid (Rabbiddroid)


He first appears in the episode Rabbidroid. John created him so he can do the rabbids job,but first he needed to act like a rabbid.So John let's him in the experiment room with the rabbid.At first it goes well but when the rabbid downloads many things into him,John attempts to delete it all,but ends up creating a virus.At this point,the rabbidroid becomes the true main antagonist of the episode,he tries to destroy the normal rabbid with a gun of some sort,but the rabbid accidentally spits a rock into the gun,which makes the rabbidroid explode,the blast sends the normal rabbid to space,where he actually did what he was supposed to.

A rabbidroid returns as a deuteragonist of the episode Rabbid Fetch, where he has fun with the rabbids.

It is later revealed in Buddy Rabbids that smaller, white, remot control rabbidroid toys are for sale on the internet.

Multiple Rabbidroids serve as the secondary antagonists of Mad Rabbid vs. the Robots, where they were created by Mad Rabbidroid to help him build a rocket to the moon and to conquer the world. However this plan, along with the rabbidroids, was destroyed by the rabbids.

In Rabbid Mate, Lapinibernatus and a group of Rabbids battle over control of a rabbidroid, who likes to: both play chess with Lapinibernatus, and party with the rabbids.