Rabbidochio is the 34rd episode of Rabbids Invasion.

Plot Edit

A rabbid accidentally switches places with Louie's wooden doll, thus making him believe that the doll came to life.

Summary Edit

After reading and being touched by the story of Pinocchio, Louie the shop and farm owner decides to create a wooden doll as well to have a little boy to take care of, but when he makes it, instead of resembling a human boy, it resembles a Rabbid. Thus being dubbed Rabbidochio. Meanwhile the rabbids are playing hide and seek outside. One rabbid decides to get in the shop, he accidentally knocks the doll off Louie's counter and wakes him up. Upon seeing him, Louie instantly believes that his plan work and decides to take care of the rabbid. However, due to being old and forgetful, Louie accidentally does everything opposite than what he should do to take care of an infant. Meanwhile the rabbids find the wooden doll and conclude that that is their friend. So, thinking he is ill, one rabbid grabs some glasses and a first aid kit to help him. He tries many things but nothing seems to work. At the end, he tries to shock him out of it, however, just then, the real rabbid falls out of the shop and once again switches place with the doll. Causing him to get shocked in the process. Angered, the rabbid chases his savior around whilst trying to shock him while Louie plays chess with his wooden doll.