Rabbidkhamun is an ancient rabbid pharaoh and the titular main antagonist of the Rabbids Invasion (TV series) episode The Curse of Rabbidkhamun . He was once the leader of the Rabbids in the time of great power in Egypt, until his tyranny lead him to his burial in a golden coffin. On it, a curse was put on in order for him to never be released again.

Biography Edit

In The Curse of Rabbidkhamun. He was found deep in the junkyard by the rabbids, and after his release he immediately started to boss the rabbids around and force them to create a way to get to the moon. However, after one rabbid get's taken away by butterflies, and another faints from bad breath, the last one realises that there is a curse that happens if he is released. Afterwards, he creates an elaborate trap that sends the evil pharaoh back into his prison, and then launches him to the moon using a giant slingshot. This causes all the previously cursed rabbids to return unharmed, while Rabbidkhamun ironically floats on the moon, trapped.

However, in Rabbid Mate, during the Rabbid parade, one rabbid is seen being dressed up as the wicked pharaoh. Meaning that even though he was bossy and cold to them, they still respect him as a leader.

Appearence Edit

He looks exactly the same as the others, however he wears a pharaoh's hat and holds a golden plunger and a usual pharaoh tool in his hands.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is an obvious parody of the pharaoh Tutankamun, who was also encased in a golden coffin after death.